JEWELIVERY traces its origins in 2014, when a third generation family of jewelers which had its roots in 1947, decided to take jewelry business one step further by being much closer to customers than all the rest of old timers in the business!

In order to achieve their insight, they studied the consumers market in depth to come up with new rules and regulations to control and produce the kind of jewelry that every person whose young at heart would wear or offer to his, or her beloved one with all passion, and once worn it would be weaved with the personality of the one who wears it!

JEWELIVERY had sprung its roots as an online jewelry store dominating the online jewelry market. When it comes to affordability and customization jewelry, JEWELIVERY Brand comes into our minds; fashionable and personalized jewelry is our forte.

For over 8 years, our attention to detail and quality along market trends has set us apart from other jewelry manufacturers and has paved the way for us to lead in such a competitive market.

Our designs are very trendy. No middle man fees. We sell directly from the manufacture to the Client.
Below the team behind the magic!
Jewelivery team is composed of 20 women and 10 men.
Our customer is our first concern! We always tend to provide our customers with the best experience they can have.
Each and every one of us makes a difference in his role and that’s why Jewelivery will always be promising.
“The truth is that if you build the right team, the dream will almost take care of itself.”
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