Embodying the essence of elegance and convenience, our name encapsulates the epitome of the JEWELRY DELIVERY concept, offering an unparalleled experience of luxury brought directly to your doorstep.
JEWELIVERY traces its origins in 2014, when a third generation family of jewelers which had its roots in 1947, decided to take jewelry business one step further by being much closer to customers than all the rest of old timers in the business!

At JEWELIVERY, we redefine affordable luxury with stunning 18kt gold jewelry, prioritizing innovative production, lightning-fast worldwide delivery, and exceptional customer service, aiming to create unforgettable gifting experiences that bring people closer together.

At JEWELIVERY, gifting is a delightful and meaningful experience, transcending borders with trendsetting 18kt gold jewelry curated to spark moments of happiness and celebration, while inspiring confidence and self-expression, revolutionizing the jewelry industry with accessibility and excellence.
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